my IoT open Tech supported device/asset types

my IoT open Tech currently supports the following device/asset type.

If the device you want to use is not available in this table, or if you want to modify/improve its integration, please refer to the developer’s documentation in our repository.

Asset types

Name Description
Mapa A map asset is useful to show the latitude/longitude position of the devices nested in it.
Imagen In this type of asset, the user provides an image url (for example, a home floorplan), and the devices nested in it are shown accordingly to their abscissa and ordinate.

Device types

Name my IoT legram Self-provisioning capability
TTNMAD_Door Yes Yes
TTNMAD_Plant Yes Yes
TTNMAD_Mailbox Yes Yes
Dragino LHT65 No No
Dragino LDS01 No No
Dragino LGT92 No No
Rak 7200 No No
Rak 7204 No No