A free, open and neutral IoT platform

my IoT open Tech is an IoT platform, developed on top of Things Board Community Edition (Open Source), with a user-friendly design.

Users can store and chart the telemetries from their devices, configure their features, and manage alarms.

The my IoT open Tech aims are:

  • Decrease the entry barriers to IoT technologies, My IoT open Tech is though for non-techies.
  • Protect data privacy and raise awareness of its importance. Your data is just yours.
  • Encourage the cooperative deployment of community IoT networks and tools.


  • Easy: my IoT open Tech offers different templates for a multiple kind of device (see supported device/asset types table), and even some of them can be directly provisioned upon receiving its first telemetry.
  • Flexible and cooperative: If you need to use a device type that is not yet supported, you can develop the required template following the documented procedure.
  • Versatile: my IoT open Tech is a web platform, but it also offers a Telegram bot, my IoT legram, that eases the access to the data and receiving alerts in portable devices.
  • Free (like a free beer) but also without warranties: There is no fee for using my IoT open Tech, but neither a service level agreement of any kind. This service is supported by the membership contributions of the non-for-profit IoT open Tech association. We (the members of IoT open Tech) try to always keep the service in full working order, because we are also users of the platform. Nevertheless, there is an anti-abuse and resource-optimization mechanism based on credits; every user starts with 365 credits, and each of his devices consumes one credit per day, so the credit balance will eventually reach zero. At this point, the user has to request a balance reset to get another bunch of 365 credits; this request is free and helps to optimize the resources allocating them to the active users of the platform.

Most relevant capabilities

  • Telemetries can be sent using HTTP requests or publishing MQTT messages. In the case of LoRaWAN, my IoT open Tech can also send downlinks through the Network Servers The Things Stack Community Edition, Everynet and ChirpStack.
  • Multi-level tree structure based on assets and devices. An asset is an organizational entity who is able to join multiple assets behind it. For example, in a hotel we could configure a “Floor 1” asset who it would contain assets for every room in that floor, and those room assets which in turn would contain the devices of each room (like temperature sensors, door locks…)
  • The user interacts with the platform mainly through two dashboards: Configuracion and Panel de control. The Configuracion dashboard is used to arrange the hierarchy of assets/devices, and to configure their features (for example, alarm’s thresholds). Panel de control dashboard offers telemetries’ charts and the controls to operate the devices (for example, open an irrigation valve).
  • A user is allow to delegate a device to other user, limiting the granted telemetries and functionalities.
  • Each device is able to have a public Panel de control dashboard, so everybody, even without a registered account in my IoT open Tech, is allow to access through the web explorer.
  • The alerts can trigger notifications through email, IFTTT integration, Telegram, Matrix and WhatsApp (the WhatsApp integration uses the CallMeBot service, that may require fees).

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